We are a family concern going back to the early 80’s trading as C. & B. International Limited. C. & B. International Limited was involved in the production and commercialization of various fertilizer products from agricultural waste. As we expanded C.E.B. Limited was created taking over C. & B. International Limited. Eventually, market forces coupled with the local increasing industrial demand for petrochemicals, brought about a total diversification in activity.

By the mid 90’s activities concentrated on sales and distribution of petrochemicals laying the foundations that have benchmarked us as reliable and reputable suppliers to various industries in Malta.

Today’s activities are focused on the distribution of various raw materials and related products sourced from world-class brands. These include various polymers, surfactants, chemicals, non-ferrous metals and technical products.

Our aim is to go beyond the materials, products and the service. We strive to provide knowledge and benefits, which will enable us to become your preferred partner for the future.