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Medical and Pharma

In medical and pharmaceutical industrial sector, we take pride in distributing a wide variety of medical polymers and compounds, film packaging solutions for blister packs, capsules, and comprehensive pharmaceutical engineering solutions.

Polyethylene Resins

Polyethylene resins are among the most commonly used medical-grade plastics, recognized for their high resistance to wear, temperature, and corrosion. They’re utilized in the production of various medical and pharmaceutical equipment and devices. Our range includes:

– HDPE: High Density Polyethylene
– LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene
– LLDPE: Linear Low Density Polyethylene
– EVA: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate


We provide a variety of two-piece hard gelatine capsules suitable for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries:

– Hard-shell capsules
– Vegetarian capsules
– Gelatine capsules


Our end-to-end engineering solutions include tablet presses, capsule filling & packaging machines, and more:

– Granulation: Includes high shear mixers, top spray and bottom spray fluid bed equipment
– Tableting: Features single-rotary and double-rotary tablet compression presses
– Encapsulation: Consists of capsule-filling equipment for powders, pellets, tablets, and liquids
– Tablet Coating: Offers horizontal airflow perforated pan coaters
– Primary Packaging: Provides cold-form and thermo-form blister packaging equipment
– Secondary Packaging: Supplies continuous and intermittent carton packaging machines

Films & Foils

We offer a comprehensive range of aluminium foils, polymer films, and anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions designed for the pharmaceutical packaging industry:

– High-barrier films
– Specialty films
– Anticounterfeit packaging solutions
– PVC films
– Aluminium foils


Our inspection solutions ensure the tracking and protection of medicines throughout the supply chain, ensuring their safe delivery:

– Visual inspection systems
– Track and trace systems

Medical Disposables

For immediate use and disposal, we offer a range of products:

– Masks
– Gloves
– Incontinence products

PVC Compounds

Flexible or rigid polyvinyl chloride compounds are ideal for crafting medical tubing and other critical components like IV sets and blood bags.

Our offerings in the medical and pharmaceutical realm are designed to meet your stringent quality standards, ensuring you have access to top-tier products and services.

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