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Paint and Coating

Navigating the vast array of requirements in the paints and coatings industry can be complex. We aim to simplify this process with our full range of dispersion polymers, minerals and derivatives, rheology modifiers, additives and specialties. These products are designed to cater to various applications, including water-based paints, adhesives, plasters, road marking, and industrial flooring.

Dispersion Polymers

Our selection of dispersion polymers is both broad and versatile, with applications in water-based paints, adhesives, the building industry, the chewing-gum industry, and more. Our range includes but is not limited to:

– PVA Homopolymers
– VAE Copolymers
– Veova Copolymers
– Acrylic Polymers
– Vinylic Polymers with DMA
– Solid Polymers

Rheology Modifiers

The behavior and characteristics of end products are crucial to their performance. Our selection of rheology modifiers is designed to modify these properties for optimized results. These include:

– Cellulose
– Non-associative (ASE/HASE)
– Associative (HEUR, HMPE)
– Specialty clays


We go beyond just raw materials, we also provide necessary production and processing equipment to ensure a seamless application:

– Tinting Systems
– Production Equipment

Minerals and Derivatives

We supply a variety of minerals and derivatives often used to increase volume, improve technical properties, or influence the optical properties of end products. Our range includes:

– Titanium Dioxide
– Calcium Carbonate
– Kaolin
– Talc
– Quartzpylene): Random Copolymer, Impact Copolyme

Additives & Specialties

Complementing our range of core products, we distribute a complete variety of auxiliary chemical products to support formulating necessities:

– Defoamers
– Plasticisers
– Coalescents
– Retarders
– Anti-Scratch
– Levelling Agents for Powder Paints
– Water-Repellants
– Wetting Agents
– Dispersing Agents
– Biocides

Our broad selection ensures you have access to all the necessary ingredients for your home, personal care, and industrial cleaning products. Whether you’re formulating a new product or improving an existing one, we provide the necessary components to ensure optimal performance.


Industrial and Institutional Cleaning, Detergent Manufacturing, Personal Care